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Marriage Celebrant  in Hobart ​- Berriedale - Tasmania - Destination wedding- Elopements- Registry style just the legals- Simple but meaningful_ Large wedding ceremonies ​​​​ 

This is my view from my garden.

Where many elopements and larger weddings have happened over the last few years.

With lovely couples from across our wonderful state of Tassie and of course other states and a few different parts of the world !




                                     Hello and welcome ,                                     


You would like to marry your favorite person I can do that !



Have  a look through my website or checkout my Facebook page !

If I'm what you are looking for and like what you get in touch and we can go from there.

We can discuss all the legal requirements and then work together to make your wedding ceremony just how you would want it .

Something very simple like an elopement with just the two of you and your two witnesses or a wedding ceremony with all of your nearest and dearest or something in the middle.

You make that choice , and make it as easy and as stress free as possible I promise !

Just a little about myself.

I'm a wife ,mother, sister, aunt and a nana !!! 


Having recently retired from my 9 till 5.

Which now gives me the opportunity to marry you during the week day or night and of course on weekends. 

It is a very liberating knowing that I can marry anyone anytime anywhere.


I do love my garden and have shared this space with many wonderful  couples from all over the state and country even a few from overseas very blessed.

So many elopement's over the last few years  have been preformed  on my deck.  and lots of  larger wedding ceremonies with family and friends in attendance celebrating that special moment.

Please do not hesitate to as any questions always willing to help and guide you both on your wedding journey .


Warmest regards     



Marriage Celebrant since March 2016


Tegan and Jacob from NSW elopement with a few closes family members xx

        Just a few Photo's of my wonderful couples.
                          From 2016 till now ! 

Elopement March 2023
Elopement April 2023
Tegan and Jacob from NSW elopement with a few closes family members xx June 2023
Will and Georgia March 2023

Will and Georgia March 2023

Elopement April 2023

March 2023 Mr & Mrs Carr

Jamie and Ashley

Rohan and Samantha 2020

Chris and Kelly

Chris and Kelly 05/09/2020

Ujjwal and Rinju 18/07/2020

May 2020 Chris & Juanita

May 2020 Tome and Sophia

Mar 2020 John & Samara

Mar 2020 Kodie & Nat

Mar 2020 Mark & Suzie


Feb 2020 Eddy & Lucy

Feb 2020 Chris and Jenny

Feb 2020 Timmy and Michele

Feb 2020 Ian & Kylie


Feb 2020 Jessica & Casey

Feb 2020 Zac and Sarah

Jan 2020 Gideon & Elissa

Keith & Brooke Dec 2019

Mark & Shena Dec 2019

Dec 2019 Brent & Melinda

Nov 2019 Heath & Nicole

Nov 2019 Lisa & Risky

Oct 2019 Matthew & Allicia

Oct 2019 Andrew & Ashleigh


ct 2019 Craig & Vicki

Oct 2019 Justin & Cathryn

Sept 2019 Lorraine & Geoffrey


Sept 2019 Paul & Desley

Aug 2019 Winston & Ruth

June 2019 Cindy and Link

April 2019 Gautam & Gyanu

March 2019 Dimitri & Jae

Feb 2019 Susan & Jacqui

Feb 2019 Royden & Kellie

Jan 2019 Ben & Kate

Jan 2019 Eric & Kathy

Nov 2019 Dean & Kylie

Lovely Emma 13/10/2018

Chris and Annie

Mr & Mrs Hogan 10/03/2018

Kyle & Katie Holmstrom 24/02/2018

Mr & Mrs Quinn 11/03/2018

Mathew & Ash-Lee 10/02/2018

Dale & Jasmine

Jarrod and Tamika

Mr & Mrs Young 21/10/2017

Jamie & Melissa 15/10/2017

Mrs Rainbird Nov 2017

Mr & Mrs Holzinger

Mr and Mrs Campbell 21st of May 2017


Mr and Mrs Crosswell 8th of April 2017

Mr and Mrs King xx My very first couple who booked me as a celebrant. 11th of March 2017

Mr and Mrs Cooper 4th of March 2017

Erika & Matthew Villa Howden Photo By Sarah Aktag

Mr and Mrs Wijitnoppakun 28th of December 2016

Dylan and Kimberley with nearly all of their children 26112016

Mr and Mrs Richmond 15th of October 2016




You are most welcome to call me directly on 0417575113

or email

or please complete the form below and press the submit button. 


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