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Legal bits                                                               
The Notice of  Intended Marriage ( NOIM )  

must be filled out, signed, witnessed and lodged with me no later than one month prior to your marriage ceremony, 


I do this via a link and all of your ID can be scanned to me, makes it so easy.


1 : a Passport or  Birth certificate 

2 : a Driver licence or ID card with your current address on it 

3 : Divorce certificate if you have been divorced

4 : Death certificate if you are a widower 

Link below 

When you copy and paste the link it will go to 

The Celebrant Connection login

and all info for the required fields are the following


 Surname             burrows

 Email address 


Relationship Services Availability

There are Family Relationship services available.

A couple should seek pre-marriage education and help in time of need.
Such couples often work through many of life’s trials and tribulations.

They make their married life together more rewarding and fulfilling.

The following relationship services, and information and services are available to enhance and sustain couples throughout their relationship:

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