Legal bits !          


                Check my availability to officiate at your ceremony on and at the date and time you have chosen.

                                                   Make a time to meet me – if and when this is practical

 This is an informal meeting maybe at my home or your's .

At this meeting we generally talk about the next steps for you to take and  what the legal requirements are at this stage but  mostly we can share our                            stories and get to know each other a little. It is your choice now as to whether you would like to  contact me later or proceed with a booking there and                        then as there is obligation attached to this first meeting at all.

 It is up to you to make the decision that you would like me to be officiating at your marriage ceremony. 


                                                                            So you would like to proceed. 

              We will discuss the important information relating to the legal requirements that need to be addressed before you can be  married, this includes:

The NOIM document must be filled out, signed, witnessed and lodged with your celebrant at least one month prior to the marriage ceremony, and no longer than eighteen months prior to the date. The 'Notice of Intended Marriage' document which I have attached one for you to look at and or fill in and bring with you. Please Note ( please leave the fourth page blank ) and we will fill in this together when I check all of your ID .

  • Proof of Identity
    As part of the NOIM requirements, your celebrant must sight your official original birth certificates or passport and record the registered numbers before your marriage. In the case of a person born overseas, a valid passport may be produced as proof of identity along with other photo id drivers licence or photo ID card to show your current address 

  • Birth Certificate - obtain from the   Registry of Births,Deaths & Marriages 


  • Declaration of marital status
    Also as part of the NOIM requirements, your celebrant will need to sight evidence of death,  dissolution or nullity of that marriage if one or both of you have been previously married – in the case of divorce a 'Certificate of Divorce' must be provided. In the case of becoming a widow or widower, a 'Death Certificate' must be provided.

  • Divorce Certificate - can be obtained from the

  • The need for two witnesses 

      The official witnesses to your marriage can be anyone you choose as long as they are of legal age – that is, over eighteen

       years of age.

      Once the legal aspects are explained, we can begin discussing ‘your special ceremony’. I will provide you with a small  package' of information, ideas and                           suggestions for you – we will go through this information in detail together.



                    Relationship Services Availability

There are Family Relationship services available.

              A couple should seek pre-marriage education and help in time of need.
              Such couples often work through many of life’s trials and tribulations.

              They make their married life together more rewarding and fulfilling.

The following relationship services, and information and services are available to enhance and sustain couples throughout their relationship: